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Friday, August 11, 2017 - "All That Shines" is out!

Saturday's Radio

Our brand new summer single, "All That Shines", is now out! Or as the kids would say, our new jam has dropped. Anyway, "All That Shines" kinda sounds like the Beach Boys + Elvis Costello + the Velvet Underground + the Smithereens + the Rolling Stones, at least according to those folks who've commented. In my eyes those are all comparisons that I'm very happy with. 

"All That Shines" is the first single from our upcoming album The Middle Ages. The All That Shines maxi-single contains five versions of the song - the main version, a solo-acoustic version recorded by Travis Atkinson at Strangebird Recording in Nashville, a "no words" mix, an instrumental mix, and a "mono 45" edited version. It's available digitally through all of the usual online music outlets - Spotify, Apple Music & iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, ReverbNation, CDBaby, YouTube, and many more. Go over to our MUSIC page for links and other info. 

And here's the YouTube lyric video:

Friday, July 28, 2017 -

Just got back from Nashville last week. I was there to attend the Summer NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers) show and help at the Tape Op magazine booth with longtime friend and Tape Op founder / editor Larry Crane. The great thing about trade shows like this is the opportunity to hang out and catch up with friends. There’s always a ton of festivities in town during NAMM time and this year was no exception. 

While there Larry and I were interviewed for Lij Shaw’s Recording Studio Rockstars podcast (episode 98). If you want to listen in we’re at about the 40-minute mark. The episode gives listeners a great overview of Summer NAMM.

In between the socializing and the booth helping, I managed to squeeze in a couple of recording sessions. Another fun thing about these trips is that I never really know what they’re going to bring. My pal Travis Atkinson just got a new-to-him Sony console at his studio, Strangebird, and offered to record me. I elected to do a solo-acoustic version of “All That Shines”. More news on that soon. Watch this space. 

I also went over to Welcome to 1979 (studio) to say hello and ended up playing acoustic guitar on John Brewer’s project. John’s a Brian Wilson fan and, as I understand it, is making an all-analog album full of tape loops and other sonic goodness. I don’t know what’ll become of my bit, but I was really thrilled about being asked to play and be a Nashville session player for an hour or so. 

After my stay in Nashville I headed to Knoxville and hung out with my pal John Baker at his Arbor Studios for a bit. It’s always nice to catch up and spin records with John. Our respective projects were both reviewed in the same issue of AutoReverse several years back. 

Next was a bit of a side trip to Charlotte to see another longtime friend, Chris Garges. On the way I decided to stop by the Moog (synthesizer) factory in Asheville, NC. It ended up being a great tour; you should stop by if you’re in Asheville. Later that evening I got to Chris’s studio, Old House. He was recording an 18-piece jazz band. It was really cool to watch with Chris and the band work. The next day was spent hanging out in Charlotte before heading home. 

You can see some trip photos on the Saturday’s Radio Instagram page. 

More news soon…

Rob C. 


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