Sorry, No YouTube Live


Yesterday I wrote that I was planning on doing a YouTube live performance tonight. Turns out I need to look into it a little further. When I tried to set up a YouTube live stream on my phone, I was informed that I don't have enough subscribers. I know there are alternative ways of YouTube streaming. I'll have to look into it further.

As for now, I think I'll stick to Instagram on Sundays and Facebook on Tuesdays, both evenings at 9:15 eastern time. See you Sunday!


We're Live on the Internets!


I said in the last NewsBlog entry that I had just done my first Instagram Live broadcast. I did another one (played "Beautiful Soul" and "Last Round" from Roses for Sharonon Sunday, September 8th and enjoyed it. Last night I did one on Facebook (played "Opera Alley" and "Hollywood's Dreams" from Opera Alley). I'm thinking of doing a YouTube Live tomorrow night. Kinda tour the different spots on the internet where people watch video. Two songs, short and sweet. I'm thinking of calling it the Saturday's Radio Double Scoop or some such. I'll check in after the YouTube Live broadcast and let you know how it went and where I want to take this. 

- Rob C. 


The Bridge, Charlottesville, VA Video - August 28


Last Wednesday I drove on down to Charlottesville, met up with my pal Ben Siegan, and we headed to the monthly Bridge open mic series. Ben read a "new" (to me) story, we listened to several wonderful storytellers, poets, musicians, and had a great night. I played "When She Flies" from our Roses for Sharon record, followed by "A Perfect Afternoon" from The Truth Hurts. Below is video. Thanks, Patsy, for putting on a great series, and Tom Haynes for shooting the video. 


In other news, last night I did my very first Instagram Live broadcast, straight from my front room. Viewers saw and heard "September Knows" and "You Never Knew". I'm hoping to make this a weekly happening, Sundays at 9:15 pm eastern time. Next time I think I'll send out a social media post letting folks know it's happening. So you're strongly encouraged to follow Saturday's Radio on the Instagram. Hope to see you there!

Rob C.


Road Tripping - Summer NAMM Nashville & Muscle Shoals


Just got back from a great road trip to Nashville and Muscle Shoals. Hopefully you’re following the Saturday’s Radio on Facebook and Instagram and saw a bunch of pics. I was in Nashville to help Larry Crane work the Tape Op Magazine booth at Summer NAMM. Saw lots of music friends and made some new ones.

Next was a drive down to Muscle Shoals. Got to tour several studios while there, including the places featured in the Muscle Shoals documentary. It amazes me how much music is happening in a relatively small, population-wise, area like the Shoals. I’m definitely looking forward to my next visit. 

Had an unexpected hiccup on the drive home. Stopped for gas, filled up, turned the pickup back on, and my dashboard was lit up with signs of electrical issues. Geez, just what I needed. Consulted with a mechanic friend who advised me to definitely get it looked at and to not attempt to drive all the way home in the dark.

I guess it was a sign from the Universe to call my pal John in Knoxville and see about staying in the loft apartment above his studio (The Arbor). We ended up having a brief but good visit and I got a restful night’s sleep. Apparently my pickup did, too. The pickup’s dash didn’t light up in the morning and the guy at AutoZone ran some tests and advised me that I should be able to make it home. Made it home just fine. I had the pickup checked the next day and not a thing was wrong with it. Again, I guess the Universe wanted me to stop in Knoxville. 

It’s nice to be home, but I miss my friends in Tennessee & the Shoals. Maybe it’s time to start making plans.

Until next time..

Rob C.


Debuted Three New Songs at Harrisonburg Open Mic


Went “over the mountain” - those Blue Ridge Mountains in John Denver’s “Country Roads” - to Harrisonburg, VA to play the weekly open mic at Ruby’s Lounge. It’s always fun to play these events. You see such a variety of performers and, to be honest, such a variety of talent levels. 

Since I’ve just finished some songs up, I decided to test them out. I’ve never played all brand-new songs before. The trickiest part was, since they’re not totally committed to memory, reading the lyrics and chord changes while playing. I have a better sense of what Bob Dylan meant when he wrote, “I’ll know my song well before I start singing.” It’s much easier when things are locked in. But it was fine, it was fun, and they went over well. 

Titles and subject matter? “Children” which is about, yes, children. More specifically, it sort of traces a brother and sister’s lives as they grow up. “Rosalyn” is a breakup song inspired by Nick Hornby’s “Juliet, Naked” (both book and film versions). “Keep the Faith” is a sort of stream-of-conscious number about keeping going in the face of adversity. I was tempted to change the title since it seems a little run-of-the-mill, but right after having these thoughts I heard from a friend I hadn’t talked to in a long time. Out of the blue and not knowing I was wrestling with this song title, he told me to “keep the faith”. I’ll take it as a sign. 

Heading to Nashville next week for Summer NAMM. I always look forward to the annual NAMM show and catching up with friends. Following that, I’m going to check out Muscle Shoals for the first time. I’ll probably post several pics on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to check in there for updates of my travels. 

Talk to you soon.

Rob C.


Video from The Bridge, Charlottesville 6/26/19


The videos from last week's open mic at The Bridge in Charlottesville, VA, are up on YouTube. Thanks to Patsy for putting on the monthly events, to Thomas Haynes for shooting, and to everyone for coming out, listening, sharing, and performing. 

I chose to play my 12-string this time and played "The Love That She Makes" and "When I See the Light." Here ya go: 


Charlottesville Open Mic & Keelan Donovan House Show


Played The Bridge Arts Collective's monthly open mic on Wednesday night. It's always great hearing the stories, poetry, and music that people contribute, and it's a very appreciative and engaged audience. Decided to play my 12-string for a change of pace. It was a pretty full house so I was only able to play two songs - "The Love That She Makes" and "When I See the Light". There should be videos on YouTube in the next few days. 


New Live YouTube Playlists


I just created two new playlists on YouTube to showcase some some-acoustic live work I've done over the past few years. One is a compilation of open mic performances from The Bridge Progressive Arts Center in Charlottesville, while the other is a playlist of the 7 episode Cottage Sessions series I did back in 2015. 

Here ya go: 


Getting Out - Ruby's Lounge, Harrisonburg, VA


Last night my friend, playwright / poet Ben Siegan, and I took a journey "over the mountain" to Harrisonburg, VA to play the weekly open mic night at Ruby's Lounge. Ben read three spoken word pieces, while I played "Beautiful Soul" and "Andrew Olsen". While there was a lot of conversation going between the bar patrons, I feel like we went over pretty well and hope to make it over again in a couple of weeks. It's always enjoyable to hear what people at different open mics are doing.



Live Video - The Bridge - Charlottesville, VA - 4/24/19


I was sad to have missed The Bridge (Charlottesville, VA) open mic session in March. I was as sick with the flu and felt worse than I have in ages. So it was nice to be back in April. Turns out I wore the same shirt I wore in February. We'll have to remedy that next time, ha ha. Thanks to Patsy Asuncion for bringing in a videographer and for publishing artists' performances on YouTube. 

Click Read More for video. 


Live Video - The Bridge - Charlottesville, VA - 2/27/19


Patsy Asuncion puts on a wonderful monthly open mic at The Bridge Progressive Center in Charlottesville, VA. She's a very enthusiastic supporter of the arts, and the open mics attract poets, musicians, playwrights, comedians, and storytellers. I've been able to attend a few of these and have had a wonderful evening each time. One of the really cool things she does is to bring in a videographer to document and publish artist performances on YouTube (with individual artists' permission). I dropped by on February 27th to play a few songs.

Click the Read More for video.


"All That Shines" is Reverb Raccoon's Song of the Day


Had a nice surprise late yesterday when I saw that our friends at Reverb Raccoon chose our "All That Shines" as their 'Song of the Day'. You can read the writeup on our Ghosts reviews page. Reverb Raccoon endeavors to shine a spotlight on relatively unknown music makers. There's a ton of great music being made out there, so we're thankful that there are folks out there giving it some attention. Check out Reverb Raccoon's blog at


What's Going On


Boy, if it weren't for the Twitter feed off to the side and the Instagram pics on the Photos page it'd be dead as a doornail here at Saturday's Radio central. So what's been going on, you might ask? Well, i just got back from Nashville and the 10th annual Welcome to 1979 Recording Summit. These are always lots of fun and are good for seeing old friends and meeting new ones. We got to listen to Dave Hillis talk about his experiences recording Pearl Jam's "Ten", a couple folks talk about working with an iconic sixties artist, and we got a super backstage tour of Nashville's fabulous and famous Ryman Auditorium. 



New "Song for Sophie" Review


A couple of weeks ago, while I was in Nashville, our "Song for Sophie" was named Reverb Raccoon's (a very cool music review blog) "Song of the Day." You can check it out on our Ghosts reviews page.


Summer Update - It's been too long...


I feel like a recurring theme in my life, and possibly on the NewsBlog, is "who knows where the time goes?" I can't believe I last updated the ol' Saturday's Radio website in January. That's not good. People are going to think I just don't care, which is the total opposite of what I really feel. 


"Ghosts" and Current News


Our new album Ghosts has been out for a little more than a month and I'm excited to say that the response has been wonderful. Between CD sales, iTunes downloads, and thousands of Spotify (and other) streams, I'm very happy that people have been so receptive. Several folks have commented about their favorite songs. The cool thing is that people have different favorites, which tells me that it's a strong record. For more information and streaming or ordering links, go to our Ghosts page.


Recap - Orange, VA show


Had a great time at Orange, Virginia's wonderful Light Well last night playing a mix of new songs from Ghosts, songs from older albums, and a mix of familiar and unfamiliar covers. I didn't work from a setlist, so I can't reproduce it here, but here's what was played to the best of my recollection -


Ghosts is out tomorrow...


...and we're terribly excited. You can stream or download it on all the major platforms or purchase CDs from CD Baby!


Ghosts CDs Have Arrived


Look what showed up in the mail today!


Our New Album "Ghosts" Is Out December 15th


After what seems like an eternity between records, our new album Ghosts is out this Friday, December 15th. 

Ghosts includes the singles "All That Shines" and "Once Upon a Time", as well as eight more new songs. Here's the track list:


"Once Upon a Time" Maxi Single Out


The second single from our upcoming album Ghosts now available. It's called "Once Upon a Time" and it's a folky jangle-pop number contemplating the end of a seven-year relationship.

Go to our "Once Upon a Time" page for more information, a track list, and streaming / download links.  


"Once Upon a Time" lyric video is now on YouTube


"Once Upon a Time", the second single from our upcoming album Ghosts is now up on YouTube in the form of a lyric video. "Once Upon a Time" should be available from Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, CD Baby, etc., within the week.



Gordonsville, VA - Honah Lee Vineyard 9/27/17 songlist


Tonight's show at Honah Lee Vineyards, on a beautiful hillside near Gordonsville, Virginia, reminded me of why I love playing music. Several friends came out, dancing happened (rare for a solo-acoustic performance), and I played a few songs I've never played before. It was a beautiful autumn evening and a great setting for a mid-week outdoor show. I'm still buzzing. Thanks to everyone who came out tonight!


Honah Lee Vineyard - Gordansville, VA - September 27


I've been asked to play at the beautiful Honah Lee Vineyards in Gordonsville, Virginia as part of their Wine Down Wednesdays series. It happens on Wednesday, September 27. I'll be strumming from 5 pm to 8 pm, so I'll be running through a lot of Saturday's Radio songs, and select covers, over the course of the evening. 


Our summer single "All That Shines" is out!


Our brand new summer single, "All That Shines", is now out! Or as the kids would say, our new jam has dropped. Anyway, "All That Shines" kinda sounds like the Beach Boys + Elvis Costello + the Velvet Underground + the Smithereens + the Rolling Stones, at least according to those folks who've commented. In my eyes those are all comparisons that I'm very happy with. 



2017 Nashville Trip recap


Just got back from Nashville last week. I was there to attend the Summer NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers) show and help at the Tape Op magazine booth with longtime friend and Tape Op founder / editor Larry Crane. The great thing about trade shows like this is the opportunity to hang out and catch up with friends. There’s always a ton of festivities in town during NAMM time and this year was no exception. 



Set List - Orange, VA - Friday, May 19, 2017


Had a great time, as usual, playing The Light Well in Orange, Virginia. Several good friends came out and I even had a surprise in the tip jar. We - me and my guitar - played a bunch of familiar Saturday's Radio tunes, pulled out "For Kurt Cobain (8 Apr 94)" as a tribute to Chris Cornell, played a White Stripes tune, and inadvertently gave my pal, the very talented Ben Siegan, a title for his upcoming book of poetry. A splendid time was had by all! Click "read more" for the set list.  


A song preview snuck out while we weren't looking...


If you follow Saturday's Radio on Instagram you may have heard a sneak peak of a new song, fresh out of the oven and on the cooling racks. It's called, at this point, "Don't Let Them Ever Take Away Your Dreams From You." Here's the Instagram link - 


Website Updates


Just spent a few hours updating the website. You may have noticed the complete redesign a couple months back. Now we're in the process of tweaking and nudging and general fixing. The LINKS page has been completely updated to include several more friends and acquaintances, as well as a couple of audio interviews and a few books I've been fortunate enough to be a (very) small part of. The MUSIC page has also been updated to make things a little more concise.


2017 Shows Added


Just added three local (local to me, anyway) shows at what's sort of become my home base, Orange, Virginia's The Light Well Tavern. They're happening on Friday nights, May 19th, August 18th, and December 22nd. See the SHOWS page for details. Hope to see you there!


Set List and Reflection - Orange, VA, Friday, January 13th, 2017




Here's last night's setlist from the Light Well, Orange, VA. 

Driver 8 is the R.E.M. song, These Days is not. Sylvia Plath is the Peter Laughner song, not the Ryan Adams. That's Entertainment is The Jam. Motel Blues was written by Loudon Wainwright III, but I learned it from the Big StarLive album. All others are Saturday's Radio originals, yep. Big thanks to all who came out, and to all at the wonderful The Light Well for hosting!

Some reflections:


Eno & Lanois, Dad & Mom, and Trump & Me

Apropos of nothing, but...
Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno together produced some of the best U2 albums, records that are very important to me, and each has done incredibly interesting (and great) work on their own as producers and as artists.

Saturday's Radio Dispatch - January 2017 Is Out + January 13th Show


The January 2017 edition of The Saturday's Radio Dispatch is hitting email boxes as I type. To get the latest on Saturday's Radio happenings, you can subscribe over on the left.


25th Anniversary Reissue Of OUT OF TIME Due Out November 18th Via Concord Bicycle

I'd fallen in love with R.E.M. & their music while I was in the service. 'Out of Time' was their first album of my civilian life. I remember buying it the day it came out, Marcy 12, 1991, from The Works in Eureka CA. I ordered a pizza and enjoyed the rest of the evening with 'Out of Time' on repeat.

2016 Music Road Trip recap


Just back from an 8-day #MusicRoadTrip. This was about pleasure over work, thus I didn’t play any shows. And, man, what fun it was. On Sunday, July 17th I hit Knoxville to see Greg Horne’s CD release show & got to see other Knoxville friends at his show. Greg was in great form and it was a super fun night.


Set List 7/15/16 - Orange, VA - The Light Well


Had a great time playing at the Light Well in Orange, Virginia. Dave and Emily and Buzz are always excellent hosts and their customers are always very generous with tips. That's always much appreciated. 


Show Friday; Saturday's Radio Dispatch - July Edition - Out


I hope you can make it to this Friday's (July 15) show at the Light Well in Orange, Virginia. I've got a segment of the setlist set aside just to preview new songs from the work-in-progress album #5. See the Shows page for more details.


June Newsletter & New Show


The June edition of our email newsletter The Saturday's Radio Dispatch just went out. Not getting it? Sign up over on the left. 

There's a new show to announce...


Orange, VA 3/11/16 recap


Had a great time playing the Light Well in Orange, VA last night. Several good friends came out to cheer me on; some of whom were seeing their first Saturday's Radio show. 


Saturday's Radio Dispatch - February 2016 Is Out


We sent out the February 2016 edition of The Saturday's Radio Dispatch, our email newsletter, a few days back. We'd love to have you on our mailing list so you'll get future issues. We'll throw in a free, unavailable anywhere else, song. Sign up over on the left. 


New Orange, Virginia show at The Light Well - March 11th


The replacement date for January's cancelled Light Well show in Orange, VA, has been rescheduled. We're on for Friday, March 11th. Go to the Shows page for more details. 


January & February Shows Postponed


Boy, what a rough few weeks. David Bowie's passing is a huge loss for the world. On a more personal front, my mom passed away suddenly in mid-December. She was so supportive of my musical aspirations. To say I'll miss her very much is a massive understatement. 



The Saturday's Radio Dispatch - December 1, 2015


Last night we sent out the latest issue of The Saturday's Radio Dispatch, our monthly email newsletter. If you... 


Cottage Session #7


I hope you all (in the U.S., anyway) had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. 


Cooper's Vineyards - Louisa, VA - 11/13/15 recap


First, I had a great night playing at Cooper Vineyards in Louisa, VA. It was one of those magical shows... 


Set List and Recap - Honah Lee Vineyards, Gordonsville, VA


I love playing music for people. I just love it. You express yourself, people...


Set List - Orange, VA - The Light Well


Had a great time at the Light Well. Since I’ve been... 


Saturday's Radio Dispatch - October 4, 2015


Here's the October edition of our email newsletter, The Saturday's Radio Dispatch. We'll send you one every month & even give you an exclusive song for signing up. Look to your left for the form. 



Setlist - Saturday, September 19, 2015 - Tim's at Lake Anna, VA


Man, I LOVE playing live! I had a great time at Tim's at Lake Anna last night. It was a good crowd... 


Cottage Session #6, Saturday's Radio Dispatch, and New Shows


Here it is, September already. Time flies whether you're having fun or not. We've got a few things to report.


Orange, VA with Jonathan Foster recap


I really enjoyed last Thursday's Orange, Virginia Light Well show, opening for Jonathan Foster. I already knew he was a talented songwriter and performer, but in meeting him for the first time he proved to be a super nice guy. I'm sure we'll be working together again in some capacity. 

My set...


Cottage Session #5 + August Saturday's Radio Dispatch


The August edition of our email newsletter, The Saturday's Radio Dispatch, just went out. To get the Dispatch delivered to your email inbox, sign up over at the left of this page.  

Earlier today...


Summer 2015 Tour / Trip Recap


I’ve been back a few days from my road trip / tour. I had a fantastic time, seeing friends, playing a couple shows, doing some recording, and playing music tourist. 


Chapel Hill - Caffe Driade - 7/17/15 setlist


Had a splendid time playing on Caffe Driade's outdoor stage. The crowd was sparse, but those who were there seemed to really dig it. 



The Arbor Studio - Knoxville, TN - setlist


Had a great time playing at The Arbor in Knoxville! Opening up was the amazing Kevin Abernathy, followed by me, followed by Tim and Susan Lee's Bark, a two piece with Tim on Fender Bass VI and Susan on drums. Songs played were:


Off to Tour! / Cottage Session #4


The cooler's packed, the guitar & PA are in the truck, and I'm ready to hit the road. I’ll be hitting the road for ten days and will be coming through Tennessee, Georgia, and the Carolinas.



Setlist - Friday, June 26, 2015 - Light Well, Orange, VA


Had a great time tonight playing at The Light Well in Orange, VA. Buzz, Emily, and Dave always treat me well. Dave does a great job in setting up the sound and finding a good balance; not having to worry about that aspect of the evening is a nice treat. 



Sunday, 6/7/15 - Tim's at Lake Anna, Mineral, VA setlist


Whew! Four hours! I don't think I've ever done four hours before. But it was fun and I made it through without much problem. In fact, I felt the second set went really well. Not that the first set didn't, but I was warmed up by set two. 



Cottage Session #3


Last Saturday night, May 30, we filmed another episode of our Cottage Session solo-acoustic house performance series. This time I played "Opera Alley", "How Can I Get Close?" (which has never appeared on a Saturday's Radio album but has been played live many times), and "Hollywood's Dreams". 



Summer 2015 House Concert Tour


Summer 2015 House Concert Tour (updated May 30, 2015) - 

I was looking to take my Saturday’s Radio music project across the United States this summer for a solo-acoustic tour, but finances and time dictate that I stay closer to home. So instead I'm looking to stick to the eastern third of the U.S. I've got shows booked in Virginia and Tennessee and I'd like to play Georgia, the Carolinas, Maryland, Ohio, and maybe Pennsylvania (see dates below).  

I may have contacted you about the possibility of hosting a House Concert. I've set up this page to tell you a bit of what house concerts are and, hopefully, to answer questions you may have. I'll continue to modify and update this page as I gain more experience and get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. 



This Is It! - "The Love That She Makes" lyric video


For the past several months the boys and girls of Saturday's Radio have been working to get every single one of our released songs up on YouTube. That hard work has finally paid off - we've just uploaded the last piece to the puzzle. It's "The Love That She Makes" from our album Roses for Sharon.


Cottage Session #2


Last Saturday evening I set up the mics, cameras, and recording software and filmed another solo-acoustic Cottage Session. My goal is to do a Cottage Session at the beginning of each month. This second installment of the series features three songs from The Truth Hurts - "Thirteen Weeks", "Sorry Again", and "Somewhere Down the Road". 


"Wild Things" lyric video


Here's our new lyric video for "Wild Things" from our album Roses for Sharon


"Best Man" lyric video


Here's our new lyric video for "Best Man" from Roses for Sharon, featuring the Sharon covergirl. 


"A Simple Life" - new lyric video


Here's another song from the Saturday's Radio catalog that's now in lyric video form on YouTube. Enjoy!


Friday 4/10/15 - Tim's at Lake Anna, Mineral, VA setlist


Had a wonderful time playing at Tim's at Lake Anna, Virginia last Friday night. 3 hours, 39 songs (34 of 'em mine, FWIW). Appreciative & complimentary crowd, nice people. 

Here's the set list:


"Virginia" lyric video


Here's our new lyric video for "Virginia". The song was inspired by a trip to Bridgewater, VA from my then-home in California to see Jim Shelley. The water tower in the picture was Bridgewater's water tower until recently, and the inspiration for the first line of the song. 


"Summersong" - New Lyric Video


The boys and girls of Saturday's Radio are now working on getting videos up for the last album (to date), Roses for Sharon. We've already got videos up for four songs, now we're aiming for the rest. Here's the lyric video for "Summersong" I was really trying to get creative with this arrangement and I feel like it's a pretty well constructed song. 


"Someday Soon" new lyric video + recording sessions slideshow!


Here's our new lyric video for "Someday Soon" from the Opera Alley album. The song was recorded over one evening very early in 2000. Friends shot the pictures during the recording session.


"Sunny Day" new lyric video


Here's our new lyric video for the song "Sunny Day" from the Opera Alley album. 


New "Where Red Roses Fall" lyric video


Here's our new lyric video for "Where Red Roses Fall" from our album Opera Alley. I'll have another one for "Sunny Day", also from Opera Alley up next week. 


Three More Lyric Videos


During my snow days off from my teaching job I was able to knock out a few more lyric videos and post them to YouTube.



Saturday, 3/7/15 - Light Well, Orange, VA setlist


It was nice to be invited back to play The Light Well for a second night in a row. The weather was much nicer and there were more people out. Here's the setlist:


Friday 3/6/15 - Light Well, Orange, VA setlist


I had a nice time playing in Orange, VA at The Light Well last night. Dave and Emily and Buzz always treat me very well there, as do Light Well's patrons.

Since last night was so cold and the ground was covered with half-melted and re-frozen snow, there wasn't a big crowd. Because of this I've been invited back to play again tonight. We think that warmer weather will bring more people out. 

Here's what was played last night:


Tonight - The Light Well - Orange, VA


 I'll be doing a Saturday's Radio show tonight at The Light Well in Orange, Virginia. I'll be breaking out the 12-string for a few tunes, and I've got a short set of new songs. If you're in the area I hope you can make it!



"Hollywood's Dreams" lyric video


Our quest to claim our own little corner of You Tube continues with another lyric video, this time for "Hollywood's Dreams" from our album Opera Alley


"Somebody to Adore" lyric video


Here's the lyric video for the second track from Opera Alley, "Somebody to Adore". I find the song, um, interesting now. It's now one of my least favorite songs lyrically - too whiney, in my opinion. I rarely if ever perform it live. But musically I think it's a pretty good track. I really like the guitar riffs & synthesizer. Here 'tis:


"Opera Alley" lyric video and slideshow.


Here's today's video, this time for the song "Opera Alley". I was in a somewhat Kinksian mood when I made this record. Opera Alley is located in the Old Town part of Eureka, California. The pics were snapped in February 2000 at around the same time as the Opera Alley album was being completed.


"Listen" video


Here's the new lyric video for "Listen", the last song on The Truth Hurts. That means that all the songs on The Truth Hurts, as well as are first album Smile Slightly, are represented on the You Tube. Stay tuned for videos for the songs from Opera Alley


New lyric video for "September Knows"


Here's the new lyric video for "September Knows" from The Truth Hurts. Enjoy!


New "Promises" Lyric Video


Here's our new video for "Promises", which kicks off side two of The Truth Hurts.


You're Not the End of the World - New Lyric Video


Here's tonight's new lyric video. This one's for "You're Not the End of the World", which closes side one of The Truth Hurts. 


Somewhere Down the Road - new lyric video


We've got videos for all songs from The Truth Hurts done and we're publishing one per day. Tonight's entry is for the opening track, "Somewhere Down the Road". Enjoy!



A Perfect Afternoon - new lyric video


One of our goals is to put up some sort of video on YouTube for every song in the Saturday's Radio catalog. Here's a new one for track #2 from The Truth Hurts, "A Perfect Afternoon" - 


Louisa, Virginia 2/15/15 Setlist


I had a nice time playing solo-acoustic at Cooper Vineyards in Louisa, VA today. It was COLD and windy, but there was still a decent-sized crowd. Click on "Read More..." for the setlist.


Sunday, February 15 - Louisa, VA - Cooper Vineyards


We've got a solo-acoustic Saturday's Radio show coming up this weekend. I'll be playing at Cooper Vineyards in Louisa, Virginia this Sunday, February 15th. I'll be on at 1:30 and will play for about 90 minutes, take five, and play a second set from around 3:00 until 4:30. Cooper Vineyards is a neat little place. I stopped by a couple of Saturdays ago and it was absolutely packed. Come on out!


New "Kiss and Run" Lyric Video


One thing we've been trying to do is get our music out to as much of internet-land as we can. Part of that is getting our songs up on YouTube. 


Bob Dylan & The Band - Basement Tapes unboxing video


I love a good CD reissue package. Great essays, photos, and bonus materials really appeal to me. 


It's 2015!


It's the start of another year! We've been doing bunch of recording & feel like we've got a few songs in the can. I'll be doing more Creative Logs soon, God willin'.


Creative Log 11/25/14 - All That Shines - Percussion & Seasoning


One thing about working a day job and doing music on the side is that I often don’t have a lot of time to engage in my artistic pursuits. So sometimes artists just have to take a few minutes when they can get them.


Creative Log 11/23/14 - All That Shines - drums


This weekend I worked up a drum track for a song called “All That Shines”. I’m currently working on what will be my first album since 2005. Where have these past several years gone? 


Caffee Driade - Chapel Hill


Had a great time playing at Caffe Driade in Chapel Hill last Saturday night.


So she said we're playing in Chapel Hill...


Hi Again,

As September winds down, so do the celebrations for the 20th Anniversary of our debut release Smile Slightly. CD Baby has it on sale for only $3.49 if you’d like to download it from those fine folks. But do hurry; that offer is going away after September 30th. 

We also have one last video for Smile Slightly.


Two More "Smile Slightly" Videos


As September 2014 is the twentieth anniversary of the release of our debut album Smile Slightly, our goal this month is to have videos of each of the album's 12 songs posted to You Tube. 


Smile Slightly Videos + Live Update


Hello & Happy Monday,

As mentioned last week, this month marks the 20th anniversary of our debut album Smile Slightly. To celebrate we've been putting together lyric videos for songs from the album. 


Back Home Again


Wow, my first cross-country tour is done. It started rough, losing our cat, but it went really well after that. 


The Runaway Cat Tour - Last Dates


Hello there and greetings from Athens, GA! I'm just going to chime in with a reminder that the Runaway Cat Tour is winding down. The shows in Austin and Shreveport were a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to going back.


On to Austin & Shreveport


I'm having fun here on the road meeting new people and visiting places I've never been before. Tonight I'm playing Patsy's Cafe in Austin, a VERY busy place judging by a lunchtime visit, then tomorrow it's on to Shreveport where I'll be playing at the Naked Bean Cafe. 



The Runaway Cat Tour Rolls On - Tomorrow Tucson!


As the headline says, the Runaway Cat Tour rolls on (and the runaway cat has not been found, unfortunately). The Redding and Eureka shows were wonderful. 


Runaway Cat Tour - Redding CA + "Roses for Sharon" sale


Just a quickie update 'from the road'. I'm writing from Redding, CA after a nice drive down from Portland yesterday. Tonight I'll be playing at Kelly's Pub & Wine bar here in Redding. Go to the Dates page for more info.


The Runaway Cat Tour + Pot Luck Audio Conference


The road trip to Oregon is well under way so the tour can officially begin this Thursday in Portland. Part of this trip is moving my mom from Virginia. Unfortunately her cat escaped at a West Virginia rest stop on day one of the trip. 


Summer's Here, It's Time To Tour!


Yep, summer's here. I've got two months off from my 'day job' teaching 10-year-olds and I've got a lot planned. Regular site visitors, as well as Facebook and Twitter friends, know there's a solo-acoustic tour happening.

Here's the latest:


Orange. VA - The Light Well - Tomorrow Night - Friday, June 13!


Don't forget I'll be playing at The Light Well in beautiful Orange, Virginia tomorrow night. The show starts at 8:30. See the Dates page for more info. Hope to see you there!


Summer Tour News - May 26


Here's the latest on my summer solo-acoustic tour -


Summer Tour Update


The solo-acoustic summer tour is slowly but surely shaping up. We've got three dates booked so far -


Summer Tour Preparation


I'm currently in the process of putting together a solo-acoustic tour for July and August. Here's what we're looking at. Dates are subject to change, but at this point we're probably pretty close.


The Light Well (post show)


I had a great time playing at Orange, Virginia's Light Well last Friday night. I was truly happy to see several friends and neighbors come out and show support. Much appreciated, y'all! Here's the setlist.  

And here's some iPhone video of my surprise cover of Lorde's "Royals". 


Saturday's Radio Dispatch 3/12/14


We just sent out another edition of our email newsletter, the Saturday's Radio Dispatch. If you're not getting it and would like to be, go ahead and sign up at over on the left of the website. There's a free track in it for you. It's an early version of "Sorry Again" with extra lyrics. Here's the dispatch:


Now Available: At the End of the Day (Live 11-14-98)!


For the past couple of months I've been working at remastering my (mostly - Rob Enge plays great bass on the last 4 songs) solo acoustic live album, At the End of the Day (Live 11-14-98)


"Sylvia Plath"


We've got a newly recorded cover of Peter Laughner's "Sylvia Plath" up on YouTube. Check it out: 


Rob Christensen at The Light Well, Orange VA, 3/14/14


Hey Y'all,

I'll be doing a solo acoustic show at The Light Well in beautiful downtown Orange, VA, on Saturday, March 14. I'll be on from 8:30 to 10:30, so I'll have time to pull out a lot of songs. If you're nearby, I hope you can make it. 


Snowed In & Working On The Website


We've had some snowy days here in Orange, Virginia, but we've been keeping ourselves busy tweaking the website & making it look spiffy.


CDs Are Now Available!


Guess what? We've got CDs available again! As you probably know, when we started our Saturday's Radio reissue / remaster program we pulled all of the 'Rob Christensen' CDs from the market. As our albums were reissued under the Saturday's Radio name, we made these new improved versions available as digital downloads through the usual outlets (iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, etc.)

But we weren't sure how to handle CDs. 


Happy 2014!


Hello! I can't believe it's 2014 already! Time flies when life - "day job", etc. - gets in the way! We gotta do what we gotta do, though. 

In this entry we've got a new recording of an old classic, Summer Tour news, a report on the Welcome to 1979 Recording Summit, an interview to share, a new Saturday's Radio Survey. and a report on our last survey. 


Happy Holidays 2013!


We hope you all are having a happy holiday season! News & catch-up coming soon! 


Let's Catch Up


We've got lots of things to catch up on. First was the Highroller's benefit show for Richmond Children's Hospital last weekend. 


Today! Richmond Children's Hospital Benefit!


Just a quick reminder note that the Highroller's Benefit for the Richmond Children's Hospital happens today. I'll be on at 5 pm for a 45-minute set. Festivities start at 2 pm and go until 11. There's be lots of great music, fun, and food! If you're near Orange, Virginia, come on down!


By the time I get to Tucson...


Man, I've had a busy couple of weeks! I'd hoped to post a good summary of what I've been up to, but I'm semi-frantically packing to fly to Tucson to go to the Pot Luck Audio Conference. There I'll be participating in the Home Recording discussion panel, which I'm really excited about. 




I arrived in Nashville yesterday for a couple days of exploring Music City USA. I'd hoped to play the Bluebird Cafe's legendary open mic night last night. The recommendation was to get there early to sign up. I arrived at 4 pm to find a Disneyland-length line. 


Friday, July 12, 2013 - Another New Video


I hope everyone is making plans for a great weekend. I'm here trying to prepare for a road trip next week. I was hoping to go to Nashville and hit the open mic at the world-famous Bluebird Cafe, but I'm not sure I'll make it. I might be heading to Raleigh / Chapel Hill instead. Hopefully I can hit at least one open mic there.

Here's another recent found-footage video that the boys and girls of Saturday's Radio have put together. It's for "Beautiful Soul", the opening track from Roses for Sharon. The footage is from an educational video from the late sixties. 




New Video and a New Survey


Last Wednesday's Open Mic at Durty Nelly's was a lot of fun, but more importantly it helped me shake off some rust. I haven't played in front of people in a couple of years, and it's something that I'd like to do a lot more of in the future. Open Mics are good places to practice playing in front of people without pressure. 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


While a proposed Saturday's Radio summer tour didn't work out, for a variety of reasons, I'll be looking at shaking some rust off and meeting folks by popping in on a few open mics. 


Wednesday, June 19


I'm just going to do a quick update to celebrate this week's musical birthdays. Happy Birthday to:


Sunday, June 9, 2013


It's nice to see that Roses for Sharon is getting some streaming action. Don't forget that you can download it from iTunes, Amazon, and many more places. And it's only $3.99 when you download it from CDBaby. What a bargain!


Roses for Sharon is ready!


After months of tinkering and tweaking, the Saturday's Radio reissue of Roses for Sharon is finally out! 


Sunday, April 14, 2013


Regular visits to the site may have noticed a new header. Yep, the release of the Roses for Sharon reissue will be happening soon, likely before May 1.


Spring Is Here!


We've got yet another instance of "who knows where the time goes?" Wow, almost two months since an update. What HAVE the boys and girls of Saturday's Radio been up to? 


Hurry Up Spring!


The "What's your favorite season?" survey was our least popular survey so far. We had one vote for Spring. 


Quickie Update, February 10, 2013


I'm just going to check in for a quick hello and a few Happy Birthdays! Hope you all are doing well out there in internet land. 


Sunday, February 3, 2013


Just posting a little weekly update. 


Sunday, January 27, 2013


Been busy this weekend working on a new version of "The Love That She Makes" for the Roses For Sharon remix-remaster-reissue. 


Weekly Update - Saturday, January 12, 2013


I hope you're settling into 2013 just fine. I find it takes people a little time to get going at the beginning of the year. We start out with grand resolutions for the new year, but it seems to take a few weeks for things to actually get rolling on any projects. Sometimes I think that our calendar, our new year, should start with the Spring Solstice. After all, it's Spring when new life begins.


Hello 2013!


Hello - Not much to report at the moment, so let's get right into this week's music birthdays:


Happy New Year!


Take 2 in trying to get a news entry up. I had 95% of it done when it disappeared into the ether. Ugh. Computers, from time to time, have to remind us not to be careless.


Farewell 2012, Hello 2013!


I hope you're enjoying the Holiday Season. Since I'm now teaching school and no longer working in retail, I'm enjoying a much-needed bit of time off. 'Course it's not totally "time off"; I'm trying to use the time to prepare the upcoming reissue of Roses For Sharon


Monday, December 17, 2012 - A Week 'Til Christmas!


Not too much to report. The boys and girls of Saturday's Radio are relaxing and enjoying the season. 


It's Already December Already!


The boys and girls of Saturday's Radio have a smidge of news for you, though for the most part things are pretty quiet here at Saturday's Radio World Headquarters. 


This Week in Saturday's Radio


Hello!I home all of you made it through Sandy okay. We were fortunate here in Orange, Virginia, to come off relatively unscathed. I feel for my friends in New York and New Jersey. I hope life returns to some form of normalcy soon.


Sandy & Weekly Update


I'm just kinda sitting here in Orange, Virginia on a Monday morning, seeing what Sandy is going to do. 


Weekly Freebies & Other Stuff


It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in Orange, Virginia. The leaves on the trees are turning all sorts of brilliant colors before they say goodbye for the winter. I have a feeling the days of being able to go for walks sans jacket are coming to a close for 2012. 


Weekly Update - October 14, 2012


Hi There!

Thanks to all you folks now following us on Twitter! We're a bit amazed at the number of people inviting us into their Twitter feeds. At this point we've got over 1,360 followers! Cheers, y'all!


Autumn Cometh!


Greetings! I hope you all are enjoying your day. Boy, Autumn has hit with a vengeance today, though the weatherman says it'll warm up during the week. I'm sitting at my favorite local coffeehouse, Orange, Virginia's LightWell, and having a hot coffee for the first time in ages. Usually I go for something cold when I'm here. 




We decided to hold off on posting this update until tonight, Monday, because we wanted to run our 99¢ special on The Truth Hurts as long as we could. 


Weekly Update - September 24, 2012


Our September Knows 99¢ download sale for The Truth Hurts ends soon. The last day to get it at that price is next Sunday. You can download it at that special price from CDBaby. Of course our other albums are still only $3.99 from CDBaby. Tell a friend!


Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hello from Saturday's Radio Central! We hope you've had a good week. My non-musical life was a bit too stressful last week, so thank goodness there's music and other good things in the world.


Weekly Update - September Knows + new Opera Alley video


The boys and girls of Saturday's Radio have put together a new video. This one's a slideshow featuring all the photos from the Opera Alley CD package to go along with the title track of that album. See below for the embedded video. 


Weekly Update - A Day Late and a Dollar Short


Happy Labor Day Weekend, U.S. Folks! 


Saturday's Radio Dispatch - 8/28/12



Rob Christensen here from Saturday’s Radio. We thought it was time to send out a newsletter to let you know what the boys and girls of Saturday’s Radio have been up to. 


Saturday's Radio Dispatch - Issue #2


We've just sent out issue #2 of our Saturday's Radio Dispatch email newsletter. 


Sunday, August 26, 2012


In case you missed it, our Saturday's Radio remaster of Opera Alley is now available for download! 


Opera Alley is out!


The boys and girls of Saturday's Radio are pleased to announce the release of our remaster of album #3, Opera Alley!


Opera Alley and Much More!


The boys and girls of Saturday's Radio have been working very hard this past week. We're proud to announce that the brand new remaster of Opera Alley is available for download from CDBaby


Our Poll Goes Weekly + Opera Alley


We're going to try something a little different. Instead of running a daily poll comprising two possible answers, we're going to instead run a Weekly Music Poll with more choices. We'll see how it goes. 


Saturday, August 11, 2012


We've got a ton of birthdays to celebrate today! Happy Birthday to Steve Wozniak, Ben Gibbard, Charlie Sexton, Joe Jackson, Bob Mothersbaugh, Eric Carmen, Jeff Hannah, and Kenny Gamble. 


Friday, August 10, 2012


Frequent visitors to our little web home may have noticed something new at the top of the page. Yep, album #3, Opera Alley, remastered, is almost ready for the digital world. 


What it's like to be the sad man...


Review - Behind Blue Eyes - Love Reign O'er Me - by Anne-Marie Klein


Behind Blue Eyes: Love Reign O'er Me is a work of "rock fiction" by Toronto author Anne-Marie Klein. It's the first in a planned series of four books; the second, Behind Blue Eyes: Love Ain't For Keeping, is also available, while volumes three and four are in the works. 


First, what is “rock fiction?” It’s a novel that uses rock music as part of its subject matter. In this case the main characters are musicians. 


Behind Blue Eyes: Love Reign O'er Me takes place in Toronto in 1978 and 1979. It centers around the life, triumphs, and troubles of young songwriter Ian Harrington. Ian is extremely talented and good looking, but he’s also very insecure. He's the victim of an emotional detached upbringing, his own heightened sensitivity, and formative years spent in British boarding schools. Ian was born into privilege but has trouble navigating the world.


The story opens with Ian meeting Sarah, a beautiful young daughter of a successful record executive. Sarah takes Ian into her world and offers him the potential to make all of his dreams come true. Ian goes for it, but life for him is never easy. His demons constantly threaten to sabotage everything he and the people around him are working so hard to build. 


Along the way we meet a fabulous cast of characters in various bandmates, relatives, music people, and fashion models. As the months of 1979 Toronto roll by, things turn on a dime; just when you think all is going well, situations change. 


Behind Blue Eyes: Love Reign O'er Me is a wonderfully entertaining novel. Its period details are accurate, its scenes are engrossing and surprising, and Klein's love of music and of the city of Toronto shine through. I can't wait to read the second book in the series and see what happens in the lives of Ian, Sarah, and the rest.


The Behind Blue Eyes series is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.


Thursday, August 9, 2012


Apologies for no update or "Daily Poll" yesterday. I had a bit of a health scare, which (thankfully) turned out to be nothing. 'Course now I likely have a multi-thousand dollar hospital bill, AFTER my health insurance pays their share. Just sayin'. 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Because I was in Arizona for the Pot Luck Audio Conference, our "Daily Music Poll" asking whether you preferred Revolver or Pet Sounds ran for several days. 


Monday, August 6, 2012 - Back From Pot Luck!


I had a fantastic time at the Pot Luck Audio Conference in Tucson. It was great to connect with old friends & catch up. I always come back from these things very inspired, but I'm also a bit tired from the conference & a long day flying back across the country.


August 1, 2012


Looks like we were a day off with yesterday's birthdays. So, again Happy Birthday to Adam Duritz, Chuck D., and Robert Cray. And Happy Birthday to Matt Keating, who I've had the pleasure of playing with a few times. 


Cracked video, Pot Luck Conference, and more! - July 31, 2012


Yesterday evening the boys and girls of Saturday's Radio put together a lyric video for Smile Slightly's "Cracked".


A Reality of Middle Age?


I've, of course, never met that special someone I wanted to settle down & raise a family with. And I used to BURN for that. 


Hey Hey It's Monday - July 30, 2012


Not much to report on the Saturday's Radio front. We are working on a project; one that will be revealed at a later date & will be released this year, if all goes as planned.


Daily Music Poll Results - July 22-28


Here are the results of our Daily Music Poll for the week of July 22 - 28:


Sunday, July 22 -  We asked which Wilco album you preferred, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or A Ghost Is Born? YHF won unanimously, 3 to 0.


Sunday Morning - July 29, 2012


We posted a couple of new blog entries summarizing the Daily Music Polls for the last two weeks. You can read them on our Blog page or on our Tumblr. 



Daily Music Poll results - July 15-21


Here are the results of our Daily Music Poll for the week of July 15 - 21. (Apologies for being a little late with this one.)



Music These Days


Yesterday the NME published the results of a new study by some Spanish scientists. This study concluded that “pop music has steadily become louder and blander over the last 50 years.”




Saturday, July 28, 2012


Yesterday England's NME published a summary of the results of a new Spanish study on the current state of popular music. Our response is on our Blog and our Tumblr.


New Saturday's Radio Stations! - July 27, 2012


As we previewed yesterday, we do have some news. The boys and girls of Saturday's Radio worked late into the night working on our "internet presence." 


Thursday Already! - July 26, 2012


Not much to report today, but watch this space. In the next couple of days we'll have some tidbits having to do with Saturday's Radio online. 



Wednesday Wednesday! - July 25, 2012


Last night I went to see the documentary on The Who's Quadrophenia album, called Quadrophenia: Can You See The Real Me


Tuesday, July 24


Gonna try and go see the "Making of Quadrophenia" documentary this evening.


Monday, July 23


Happy Birthday wishes go out to Alison Krauss, Martin Gore, Daniel Radcliffe, Woody Harrelson, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.


Sunday, July 22, 2012 - $3.99 Album Downloads, Lotsa Birthdays, and The Daily Music Poll


A few days ago I wrote a blog entry about pricing album downloads at $4.49, essentially because most people don't know who Saturday's Radio is and a low price for an album download might entice them to take a chance and buy. 


Always Saturday - July 21, 2012


Happy Saturday!

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of having dinner & coffee with my friend Zachary Taylor. 


Friday, July 20


Had a great experience yesterday picking up two 'strangers', Vitor & Carolina, at an off-the-beaten-path Denny's and helping them get to Washington DC. 


Thursday, July 19


Happy Birthday to Brian May! 



Wednesday, July 18 - New Tumblr & 2 New Blog Entries!


Big Happy Birthday wishes go out to my friends Rhonda Lee McBride and Gina Noell, both fine musicians. And Happy Birthday to Ricky Skaggs, Jack Irons, Dion, Martha Reeves, and the great Nelson Mandela.



Prices Slashed! (here's why)


Yesterday evening there was a heated but ultimately productive discussion at Saturday's Radio World Headquarters: 



Music Lovers Daily Poll Recap, July 8-14


About a week ago I started the "Music Lovers Daily Poll" on our website,


Tuesday, July 17, 2012



Happy Birthday wishes go out to Geezer Butler, Spencer Davis, Donald Sutherland, and Cory Doctorow. 



Happy Monday + New YouTube Video!



Happy Birthday to the Police's Stewart Copeland. In honor of Mr. Copeland's birthday our Daily Poll question asks which Police album to you prefer, Zenyatta Mondatta or Synchronicity?


Sunday Morning



I hear Bruce Springsteen had the plug pulled on him last night in London. 


Saturday Saturday



Last night's Neko Case show was lots of fun. 


It's Friday the 13th - New YouTube - Neko Case


It's Friday the 13th. Oooo, scary! 


Thursday, July 12 Daily Update


Hi There!

Yesterday the boys & girls of Saturday's Radio were busy updating our Facebook page. We've got a CDBaby-sponsered music store there now as well as a new banner. Won't you go to Facebook and Like us?



Saturday's Radio Dispatch - Issue #1


Rob Christensen here. Long time, no see! I've been pretty busy doing music stuff over the past several months. Doing what, you ask? Well...


Wednesday & The Week Is Picking Up Speed



The boys & girls of Saturday's Radio continue to be busy... 



Tuesday & Tired


Wow, I am tired. I was up until almost 4 in the morning working on a couple of projects. One is the remaster of album #3, Opera Alley. The other I'm going to keep quiet about at this point and see where it goes. Check back for further developments.



Monday Monday



Today's Question of the Day is Neil Young related. 


The Truth Hurts! It's Alive!


Hi There!

There's lots of excitement at Saturday's Radio World Headquarters! For the past several weeks the boys & girls of Saturday's Radio have been working very hard to get our website ready for it's grand unveiling. And we're proud to say that WE ARE DONE!





We've made some adjustments to the Photos page & uploaded (or re-uploaded) a batch of pics. 


New YouTube Video for "These Days"


The boys and girls of Saturday's Radio have a new video up at YouTube! It's a lyric video for the song "These Days", from the Smile Slightly album.


Truth Hurts Remaster Out Soon! + New Website!


I've been busting my butt to get two things done this weekend: 1) Get The Truth Hurts remaster ready for submission to CDBaby so they can get out out to the world, and 2) Get this new website done. 



"Smile Slightly" video


The week I returned home to northern California to say goodbye to my dad - he died from cancer November 3, 2010 - I bought my first smart-phone.


Paul & Linda McCartney - "RAM" unboxing video


As you may or may not know, I'm a huge music fan.


"Forever" video now up on YouTube


Video number 3 is up on YouTube!


Blue Blue Sky video done!


We've got a video / tribute-slideshow for the song "Blue Blue Sky" up on YouTube!


For Kurt Cobain (8 Apr 94) Video!!! - April 8, 2012


Saturday's Radio's first-ever video is up on YouTube! To tie in with the Smile Slightly remaster the boys and girls of Saturday's Radio have put together a neat little tribute to our fallen hero, Kurt Cobain.


Smile Slightly remaster NOW AVAILABLE!!!


The new Saturday's Radio beefed-up & buffed-up remaster / reissue is now available to download! You can find it at iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. Yay!!!!!


Video + More!


All these years of making music and I'm finally making my first video!


Smile Slightly remaster



I think the Smile Slightly remaster is nearly finished. I'm really digging it (as much as artists can dig their own work). It's sounding fuller but smoother, with a bit more air at the top end. 'Course the thing to remember is it was recorded on a "lo-fi" 4-track cassette machine, then mixed down to stereo cassette. But that gives it some of its personality. As I stated before, it'll be reissued under the Saturday's Radio name, not Rob Christensen, and it will be available initially as a download-only release. The boys and girls of the Sweet Science Recording Co. and working on ideas for discounts and freebies, too. We've got some videos on the way, too. We'll keep ya posted.
The boys and girls of Sweet Science are also working on a major website revamp to correspond with the Saturday's Radio changeover. More soon!

I think the Smile Slightly remaster is nearly finished.


Saturday's Radio


Hello! In the upcoming weeks and months I'll be moving all of my musical doings under the band name, or project name, "Saturday's Radio." 


Changes Are Coming


Stay tuned...


It's Summer!


Hello! Not too much to report... Earth Day On The Greenway was, um, educational from a performing standpoint. 


Earth Day On The Greenway


For the second year in a row I'll be playing an acoustic set at Luray, Virginia's "Earth Day On The Greenway" festival on Saturday, April 23. Details are on the Calendar page. Come on down and join us as we celebrate our beautiful world!


Get Your Free Downloads Now


Hey Everyone! If you've been thinking about taking advantage of my entire catalog being available for free download, do it now. 


Post- Little Grill + Tape Op!


Had a good time playing at the Little Grill in Harrisonburg last night. 


Little Grill Show


Hello! I'll be playing a thirty minute "best-of" acoustic set this Friday, March 4, opening for Fear + Whiskey and Charlotteville's Panterburn. Details are on the "Calendar" page!




In case you saw a bit of news over at about me putting together a new album and box set, I need to make a slight correction. 


Early December '10 Update


Another ten months has gone by. Can you believe it? 


New Address


Updated "Contact" page with my new P.O. Box. The Goldfinch Drive address is no longer valid. Cell phone is the same it's been for the past year. Email me if you're a friend & don't have it.




I've come to realize that I probably won't be doing much in the way of musical activity while I'm job hunting. 


New blog entry up...


Best Of Both Worlds + Work I keep having this recurring dream that I’m back in my hometown of Ferndale, California, and wanting to move back into my old house. 


More Audio Uploaded


Hello - We had yet another snowy day here in Harrisonburg, VA. 


Cold Season


Been down with a cold the last few days, so things have kind of ground to a halt. 


Construction Continues...


I've managed to make most of my songs available for streaming and for free download on the, you guessed it, "Free Downloads" page. 


'Free Downloads' page updated!

I've spent several hours working on the 'Free Downloads' page, adding lyrics and audio for you to stream or download. More to come!

A New Decade


Happy New Year, Everybody! I've just doing some repairs on the site here -


A New Life In A New Town


If you haven't heard already via Facebook or Twitter, I'm now living in Harrisonburg, Virginia. 


News Coming Soon

Did a bit of touchup on the website tonight & have a bit more to do. Soon I should have an announcement about a move to a new city. I'll let you know when details firm up.


I decided to remove the Guestbook as it seemed to attract more fiends than friends. I've also updated my Contact Info. Four days until I'm off to California!

Down Time


Hi there, Just logged on to delete a bunch of bogus guestbook entries.


Hi There!

Sorry I've been away so long. More updates soon! Hope you like the new look!

Alexandria, VA Show Next Wednesday!


Don't forget I'll be doing a solo show / public practice session at St. Elmo's Coffee Pub in Alexandria, VA next Wednesday, August 27. 


Home Made Hit Show!!!


The Home Made Hit Show podcast mentioned last week is now out! 


Free Downloads & Podcasts!


As promised, free downloads are now available. 


The New York City show is ON


Though I'd assumed at this point it wasn't going to happen, when I got to New York today there was an email waiting for me asking if I still wanted to play at Googie's Lounge Saturday night. 


Free For All newsletter - Spring 2008


*** Free For All – Rob Christensen Music News – Spring 2008 *** 


New York City Weekend recap


The weekend trip to New York was fun, productive, and a bit tiring.


Upcoming Shows + New York City Weekend


Hey Everyone – Some of you who’ve visited recently may have noticed that a couple dates snuck on to the Calendar last week. 


New-ish Pictures


Hello! Hope this new year is treating you well so far! 


Happy Holidays

Hey Everyone! I just can't believe that it's that time of year again. Time does fly! Only ten days until Christmas! I see that I never gave a recap of the November shows. The Living Room show in New York City was fun, but still a little shaky. A small but enthusiastic crowd came up for the last half and were a lot of fun. They even called me back for an encore, which was very cool. As far as the 'shaky' goes, I'm still shaking off some of the rust that accumulated over the few years I didn't play live. It'll come. The Arlington show with Matt Keating was much better. I played what I felt was my best show since I've been playing live again. Everything pretty much felt 'on'. Matt was absolutley fabulous and a treat to watch, and the folks at the Galaxy Hut were very nice and hospitable. That's about it. I hope you all have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season! Cheers!

NYC & DC shows in November!


I'm excited to announce that I've got two shows on tap for the first weekend in November. 


Quick Recap Of A Quick 'Tour'


Howdy! The weekend-before-last's two day tour was a lot of fun, albeit a little exhausting. 


Free For All email newsletter - September 2007


Hey everyone! Here's my latest email newsletter that I send out whenever there's something to report. 


September Shows & Other News


Hi Everybody It’s been a busy summer since the Tape Op Conference in June.


Summertime Is Here


Hey Everyone! Here's what's been happening: Tape Op Conference - 


New Show, New Blog, New Year!


Got a few pieces of news for y'all - I'll be playing my first full solo show in five years (!!!) on April 13th (that's a Friday) at Border's Books - located at the corner of 18th and L, NW, in Washington DC. 


Happy Holidays!


The Big Catchup


I’ve had a very busy last few months. 




Hey Everyone! I'm working on a big entry that'll catch you up on everything...


Live Again!


I'm excited to have been invited to perform at TapeOpCon2006's Artist Showcase, to be held at Club Congress in Tucson.


Just A Tiny Little Update


Been fighting a cold for the last several weeks. Thats what you get when you start spending time with a lot of kids, as I am student teaching. 


Worried Man Blues


When I started thinking about writing the follow-up to “Roses For Sharon” I thought I might write an album that explored, bold voice, American Themes. 


Links Added & Welcome New Folks!


We've added some links for the albums that are available for download on iTunes. 


New (old) Photos!

The boys and girls have added some pictures to the 'Photographs' page, including some pics of Rob recording 'Someday Soon', from 2000's 'Opera Alley' album. Take a look!

'Smile Slightly' available again!


Our first album, 1994's "Smile Slightly" is back in print...


Live Photos Added

The boys and girls here at Sweet Science have just uploaded a batch of live photos from 1999 - 2001. More photos and other additions to come in the next few days.

Lyrics for 'Virginia' added.

All of the songs on the 'downloads & streams' page now have lyrics. Just click on a song's title to see for yourself!

More Stuff To See!


Today we've been busy adding reviews for the debut album, "Smile Slightly"...


Under Construction


If you've visited here in the last couple of days you may have noticed some slight changes.


November Update


Thought I'd better check in...




As you probably know, I've participated in the last two Tape Op magazine conferences in New Orleans. 


Lower Prices At CDBaby!


In an effort to get more music into more hands, the boys and girls of Sweet Science have slashed prices on the CDs available at! 


Bio updated

As the headline says, we've updated the Bio section.

Interviews Added

We've added two interviews, one from 1994 and one from 1997. See the "Press" page.

New Design & More Stuff!


Today I spent several hours trying on new suits for the website. 


Songs Available For Download!


Today the boys and girls of the Sweet Science Recording Company have put up some songs you can listen to or download for free.


Back from Tape Op Con '05


The Tape Op Magazine conference in New Orleans was really super. 


Off to Tape Op Con 2005!!!


Hey everybody! Time passes quickly and I need to hit the road to head to New Orleans.


Photo Page & Links Added!


I just added a photo page & a links page. I hope to upload more stuff soon!