Back Home Again

Wow, my first cross-country tour is done. It started rough, losing our cat, but it went really well after that. Between seeing friends I hadn’t seen for years, meeting new friends, spending time with family, visiting places I’d never visited before, recording in Nashville, and, oh yeah, PLAYING MUSIC, I had a fabulously wonderful time. Sincere thanks go to the people who helped out, came out, signed up for the mailing list, bought CDs, and sang along. Check out the Live page for details and set lists. 

We’re gearing up to play more shows in Central Virginia in the upcoming months. We’ve got one date confirmed in Orange, Virginia at the Light Well on November 14. Check back for more shows. 

September marks the 20th (!!!) anniversary of the release of our album Smile Slightly. To celebrate, CD Baby will have it on sale for $3.49. Click here for more details and to download. While we don’t have any kind of super special anniversary edition with bonus tracks coming, we do have a few things planned. Check back for updates and more information.


Rob C.