Creative Log 11/25/14 - All That Shines - Percussion & Seasoning

One thing about working a day job and doing music on the side is that I often don’t have a lot of time to engage in my artistic pursuits. So sometimes artists just have to take a few minutes when they can get them.

Tonight I did a little bit of percussion on “All That Shines”. Using EZ Drummer, I programmed in some tambourine to the choruses and the solo section. As usual, I tried to add variety to keep the part interesting, even though in the end it’s only going to be heard faintly in the overall mix. But that’s okay. It’s those little seasonings that help to make a record interesting. 

In the old days when I used a drum machine I’d always vary the loudness of the individual drum hits to make the machine sound less perfect, less machine-like. EZ Drummer does this automatically. Another trick I used was to vary the tempo ever so slightly during different parts of the song. Since I’ve been working in the computer I’ve kind of let that go. But tonight figured out how to do in my computer DAW. So now in “All That Shines” the choruses speed up a little and the middle interlude slows down just a bit. It’s likely most listeners won’t pick up these tempo changes, but I think they do contribute to making the drums sound a little more human.