Daily Music Poll Results - July 22-28

Here are the results of our Daily Music Poll for the week of July 22 - 28:


Sunday, July 22 -  We asked which Wilco album you preferred, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or A Ghost Is Born? YHF won unanimously, 3 to 0.


Monday, July 23 - Fans of The Who picked "Won't Get Fooled Again" unanimously (3 to 0) over "Who Are You". We'd have to agree.


Tuesday, July 24 - We asked which Quadrophenia song you liked more, "5:15" or "Love Reign O'er Me". "5:15" won out, 1 to 0. However, Behind Blue Eyes (A great music related novel!) author Anne-Marie Klein missed the vote and later said, “LROM of course. :) I think it is one of truly great songs Pete has written- superb lyrics, and such a great vocal by Roger.” Very well put.


Wednesday, July 25 - Voters unanimously picked acoustic guitars over those of the electric variety. Personally, I'd hate to be without either, but if I had to make a choice to have only one it would be an acoustic. 


Thursday, July 26 - We asked: Albums or Concerts? Voting was split exactly down the middle. To me the best bands and musicians pull them both off well. That said, some bands are fantastic live but don't make great records, and that's totally okay. Likewise, some bands make great records and aren't super good live. That's okay too. It's all part of this wonderful world of music.


Friday, July 27 - This Daily Music Poll generated the greatest response so far. We asked, Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen? We had five voters (Which might not sound like much, but we're building this thing slowly & five voters makes us very happy, especially when compared with two or three.) - 3 voted for Tom Petty and 2 for Bruce Springsteen.


Saturday, July 28 - We asked, simply, “Solo Beatle, Lennon or McCartney?”. Two folks voted for Paul McCartney, one for John Lennon. 


Thanks again to everyone who voted or who chimed in on Facebook and Twitter. If you can, stop by http://saturdaysradio.com daily and take the poll. It'll be more interesting and more fun if more people participate. We try to post reminders on Facebook and Twitter mornings and evenings.