Early December '10 Update

Another ten months has gone by. Can you believe it? It’s been a bit of a crazy year. I wrote earlier about wanting to “be productive” but in retrospect it seems like I was just trying to get my life in order: job hunting, moving (again), barely getting by financially. I wondered if I was going to stay here in Harrisonburg, Virginia (where I’d been planning to move since 2000) or move to North Carolina. In August I lost my 16-year-old cat-daughter, Chia, and on November 3 I lost my father to cancer. But everything happens for a reason, I guess. The news in September that Dad’s cancer had taken an irreversible turn prompted me to find a cheaper place to live, which has reduced my stress level considerably. Chia passing away meant that I could actually get that cheaper apartment. And I was telling a friend today that I’ve felt stronger and more focused since my dad has passed. Perhaps he’s up there giving me guidance and strength. Stay tuned for updates on new recordings and live dates, God willing.