Music Lovers Daily Poll Recap, July 8-14

About a week ago I started the "Music Lovers Daily Poll" on our website, It's pretty simple and asks folks to choose between two music related things, i.e. "Beatles of Rolling Stones". I hope it'll be a fun way to bring people to the site and give them a way to participate. So far the record number of votes is 4, so we're off to a kind of slow start. But we're going to keep it going for at least a few months and see if it'll pick up speed. It's fun & it gives me a motivation to update the site on a daily basis, something I haven't been super good at in the past. 


Here are our Daily Poll questions for week one:


Sunday, July 8 - Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Beatles - 2

Rolling Stones - 0


Monday, July 9 - For Neil Young fans -

Harvest - 2

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere - 0


Tuesday, July 10 - For 80's New Wave Synth-Pop fans (inspired by my pal Melanie) -

Human League - 2

Howard Jones - 0


Wednesday, July 11 - For fans of The Who -

Tommy - 1

Quadrophenia - 1 


Thursday, July 12 - For Bob Dylan fans -

Blood on the Tracks - 2

Blonde on Blonde - 1


Friday, July 13 - For Neko Case fans (I saw her play in Richmond that night!)-

Fox Confessor Brings The Flood - 1

Middle Cyclone - 1


Saturday, July 14 - Husker Du or The Replacements?

Husker Du - 2

The Replacements - 1 


So there ya go. If you can, stop by daily and take the poll. It'll be more interesting and more fun if more people participate. We try to post reminders on Facebook and Twitter mornings and evenings.