In case you saw a bit of news over at about me putting together a new album and box set, I need to make a slight correction. I am hoping to get a new album done by next June. However, there's no box set in the works, at least for right now. What is in the planning stages is a sort of Best Of collection. It looks like it's going to have 15 tracks: three from "Smile Slightly" and four each from "Truth Hurts", "Opera Alley", and "Roses For Sharon". The tracklist will be a combination of personal favorites and iTunes best sellers. I haven't come up with a title yet, but I think it will be sequenced in reverse chronological order: most recent tracks first and on backward through the last fifteen years. I'm thinking of it as a "retrospective introduction". Thanks to Jim of Book Of Kills for the excellent company and conversation over lunch last week, and for posting the news on