Saturday's Radio Dispatch - Issue #1

Rob Christensen here. Long time, no see! I've been pretty busy doing music stuff over the past several months. Doing what, you ask? Well...

In March I started shifting all of my musical doings to the band name "Saturday's Radio". I've always felt like I wanted a buffer between "me" and my music projects. For instance, I'd like to make t-shirts and stickers, but I've never been comfortable with the idea of having my own name on them. So Saturday's Radio it is. It's no longer "I"; now it's "we". That is me, my imaginary bandmates, and whomever I happen to be working with at any given time. is going away next is our new domain. See below for more. 

In April we put out a remastered version of album #1, Smile Slightly, under the Saturday's Radio name. We think it sounds great! At this point it's download-only. In the future we'll see what happens with audio formats and go from there. I'm sure we'll put out CD's eventually. Maybe even vinyl! For now,  Smile Slightly is available on iTunesAmazonCDBaby, and several other spots on the World Wide Webs. You can also check it out on streaming sites like Spotify and Rhapsody. 

We've put up several songs on YouTube, including "These Days", "For Kurt Cobain (8 Apr 94)",  "Blue Blue Sky", "Forever", and the instrumental title track from Smile Slightly.

 This week we continued the Saturday's Radio reissue program and put out a remastered version of The Truth Hurts. It too sounds much better - more full and less harsh. Like Smile Slightly, it's available for download oniTunes, AmazonCDBaby, and can be streamed on Spotify, Rhapsody, etc. 

Also this week we completed our Saturday's Radio Website re-design. It's got links for free music, photos, articles, reviews, music links, and more. We're very proud of it. Check it out! (And keep checking back for updates and our daily just-for-fun "Question of the Day".)

Finally, we put out the first issue of this here email newsletter. Though there's a lot of newssue is definitely an experiment. We're using a new service, so we're not sure what this will actually look like in your inbox. It's been a long time since we've sent anything out to folks on the mailing list and we've probably got a lot of expired email addresses to clean up. I know that some of you are folks I've lost contact with - perhaps we went to school together several years ago,  met at music conferences, or otherwise crossed paths in our respective travels. Hope yr well. If you've moved on or don't want your email inbox cluttered with more stuff, feel free to unsubscribe below, no hard feelings. The girls & boys of Saturday's Radio want you to enjoy receiving these little updates. Our aim at this point is to put them out on the first Tuesday of every month, so look for the next Saturday's Radio Dispatch on August 7th.

One last piece of business - When new folks sign up on the website to receive The Saturday's Radio Dispatch, they get a link to an exclusive previously-unreleased mp3 of an early take of The Truth Hurts' "Sorry Again". Sign up in the box at the upper left. 

Enjoy your summer! Drop me a line - heyrob [at]

- Rob Christensen & Saturday's Radio