Summer Update - It's been too long...

I feel like a recurring theme in my life, and possibly on the NewsBlog, is "who knows where the time goes?" I can't believe I last updated the ol' Saturday's Radio website in January. That's not good. People are going to think I just don't care, which is the total opposite of what I really feel. 

As you may know, I work as an elementary school teacher as my "day job." I got into teaching a few years back with the hopes of being able to make a difference in our society as well as have a consistent work schedule with plenty of time off for musical pursuits. Y'know, summers & spring break. And I certainly do get more time off than most Americans, which is great (I love my job this time of year!). I don't mean to complain, and I'm not, but the "on" time is often all-encompassing. Thus seven months without an update. 

I keep promising myself that I'm going to make time for music - website updates, writing, recording, playing out, trying to let folks know about Saturday's Radio - during the school year, but so often it doesn't happen. But I'm going to keep promising myself that I'll make that time. I'll keep fighting the good fight. 

So what has happened since January? In February, a three-piece electric version of Saturday's Radio played "Beautiful Soul" for a benefit for the Fredericksburg, Virginia Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. In March we released what we used to call a maxi-single for the Ghosts track "Song for Sophie", complete with instrumental and solo acoustic versions. In April I did a three-hour solo acoustic show at Honah Lee Vineyards in Gordonsville, VA. In June I ventured to Nashville to the Summer NAMM show and helped out at the Tape Op magazine booth. I'm writing this entry while visiting family in Fayetteville, NC, and in a week I'm heading back to Nashville for a few days. Then, at the beginning of August, my school year starts again. And this school year, once again, I'm promising myself that I'm going to be more active musically. 

Unfortunately, at this point I don't have any new shows to announce or new music to show off. I have been spending time going over recordings of song ideas I've made on my phone over the last couple of years and I'm happy to say I found a good twenty song ideas that I think are worth developing. 

So I've got plenty of plans and ideas for Saturday's Radio. Now I just have to make them happen (and I'm not going to announce anything until things are happening). Talk to you soon (hopefully)...