Summer's Here, It's Time To Tour!

Yep, summer's here. I've got two months off from my 'day job' teaching 10-year-olds and I've got a lot planned. Regular site visitors, as well as Facebook and Twitter friends, know there's a solo-acoustic tour happening.

Here's the latest:

  • Thursday, July 17 - Gemini Lounge, Portland, OR
  • Tuesday, July 22 - Kelly's Pub and Wine Bar, Redding, CA
  • Friday, July 25 - Old Town Coffee and Chocolates, Eureka, CA
  • Wednesday, August 6 - Patsy's Cafe, Austin, TX
  • Thursday, August 7 - Naked Bean Cafe, Shreveport, LA
  • Thursday, August 14 - Crown Station Pub, Charlotte, NC
  • Friday, August 15 - Open Eye Cafe, Carrboro, NC


It's also looking like I'll play a house concert near Athens, GA on August 12 or 13. I'll post when I have confirmation. 

I'm still looking for shows in:

  • Tucson, AZ - Sunday, August 3 or Monday, August 4
  • Memphis, TN - Friday, August 8
  • Nashville, TN - Saturday, August 9 or Sunday, August 10
  • Knoxville, TN - Monday, August 11


The June 13 Orange, VA show at The Light Well was a lot of fun and was one of my favorite shows in quite some time (Not that the others were bad in any way. But this one was a blast!). The crowd was great and the fine folks at The Light Well were super as usual. To see the setlist, go to the DATES page and scroll down.

In May my pal, writer Ben Siegan, took some photos to help promote the summer tour. I've been using them on the summer tour posters. You can check out the full color versions on the PHOTOS page.

In other news, I'm moving house before I hit the road. I'm moving to a neat little cottage in the woods in Spotsylvania, Virginia. My living situation, while nothing to really complain about, has been less than ideal for artistic creativity for the last several years. In my new place I think I'll be in an environment where my creativity will be able to flourish. Hopefully that will mean lots of new music, videos, and other things will be coming down the pike. As always, check back regularly for updates.

Hope to see you sometime during my summer travels!


Rob C.