Sunday, 6/7/15 - Tim's at Lake Anna, Mineral, VA setlist

Whew! Four hours! I don't think I've ever done four hours before. But it was fun and I made it through without much problem. In fact, I felt the second set went really well. Not that the first set didn't, but I was warmed up by set two. 

I played on the deck at Tim's, overlooking Lake Anna, boats, a volleyball court, and other beautiful sights. Set one went from 2 until 3:55 or so; set two from 4:05 until 6:00 pm. I basically did two complete, 25 song 2-hour shows, dong the setlists twice. It was a beautiful day, the deck was filled with people, and folks were enjoying their Sunday afternoon. I'm so lucky to be able to play music, especially on days like this. 

Here's what was played:

  1. When She Flies
  2. Thirteen Weeks
  3. Free For All
  4. Sylvia Plath (Peter Laughner cover)
  5. A Perfect Afternoon
  6. A Simple Life
  7. Promise Me
  8. How Can I Get Close?
  9. Kiss and Run
  10. Butterflies
  11. Somewhere Down the Road
  12. Sorry Again
  13. Days Don’t Last Forever
  14. Maggie’s Farm (Bob Dylan cover)
  15. Janie Sims
  16. Star Route Nine
  17. These Days
  18. The Love That She Makes
  19. Last Round
  20. Opera Alley
  21. Motel Blues (Loudon Wainwright III cover)
  22. Where Red Roses Fall
  23. September Knows
  24. Sunny Day (2nd set only)
  25. Beautiful Soul
  26. Hollywood’s Dreams