The Runaway Cat Tour Rolls On - Tomorrow Tucson!

As the headline says, the Runaway Cat Tour rolls on (and the runaway cat has not been found, unfortunately). The Redding and Eureka shows were wonderful. It was great to see old friends and to play for receptive and supportive audiences. My pal Xeff Scolari, whose band covered "Sorry Again" a few years back, came to the Eureka show & sung along. It's really cool to see people mouthing the words to your songs! Photos were taken and video clips were shot; I'll look at having those up as soon as I can, along with setlists from the shows. This trip has been busy so I might not be able to get them up until I get back to Virginia. But check back regularly; I'll have updates posted as things roll along.

BTW, I've been snapping lots of photos. Check out our Tumblr page to see.  

Tomorrow I'll be up bright and early and heading to the Pot Luck Audio Conference in Tucson. I've again been asked to speak on the Home Recording panel. I'll be alongside some people who've made some of my favorite records and I feel honored to have been invited to participate. 

That's it for now. If you're in Austin, Shreveport, Charlotte, or Chapel Hill maybe I'll see you at a show.


Rob C.