The Saturday's Radio Dispatch - December 1, 2015

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Here's the Dispatch:


I hope you are enjoying the beginning of the 2015 holiday season. 

This past Thanksgiving weekend we shot a new episode, episode 7, of the Cottage Sessions, our ongoing live-in-the-living-room solo performance series. We played “These Days” from Smile Slightly, “Free For All” from The Truth Hurts, and “Where Red Roses Fall” from Opera Alley. You can check it out on the front page of or on YouTube at  

I was so sad to come home last Friday, November 13th to the news of the terrorist attacks in Paris; especially the attack at the Bataclan. I thought of the number of times I’ve been in a venue like that, seeing a great band, and being in absolute ecstasy. As Bono put it, this was an attack on music. In my case, the news came as a letdown after a fantastic show (from my performer’s point of view) at Cooper Vineyards in Louisa, VA. Everything worked that night. The sound was good, the audience was kind and appreciative, and I was in a good performing zone. Ya shoulda been there. 

There’s no Saturday’s Radio shows scheduled for December. We do have an evening scheduled at Orange, VA’s Light Well on Friday, January 15th. We’re working on scheduling more shows & aim to have a busy 2016. And while we’re laying low in December, we are staying active on the home front writing and recording. 

Speaking of shows, I’m just beginning to plan a summer 2016 cross-country tour. I’d like to do house concerts, so if you’d like to host a house show drop me a line. If a house concert is not doable but you’d still like me to play in your town (and possibly offer me a place to crash), let me know and I’ll search for an appropriate venue. 

Christmas is coming and CDs make great gifts. CD Baby, our distributor, is offering 1¢ shipping on all CD orders through November 4th. You can take advantage of it at

That’s about it for now. Do have a wonderful and happy holiday season. 

Rob Christensen

Saturday’s Radio