Upcoming Shows + New York City Weekend

Hey Everyone – Some of you who’ve visited RobChristensen.com recently may have noticed that a couple dates snuck on to the Calendar last week. Yep, there are a couple of shows coming up. In April I’ll be down in North Carolina to play with Sound of Singles in Chapel Hill. In May I’ll be at home in the DC area, Alexandria, to play a show with Matt Keating. See the Calendar page for details. Hope to see you there! Right now I’m in New York staying with my friend Sasha. We’re going to do a bit of recording – he recorded the acoustic tunes on the “fan club” CD from last Christmas. We’re going to do sparse versions of a few new songs and some solo versions of a couple of old favorites that hopefully will go on a new “Book Me” promo CD. Anything that ends up on that CD will also be available on MySpace, and probably on my website, too. Sunday night we’re going to see the Lemonheads perform “It’s A Shame About Ray”. That was an important album for me when it came out and this will be a treat. A couple of his pals (who I met last year) are in the opening band, so we’ll likely get to hang out after the show. Should be interesting!