Wednesday Wednesday! - July 25, 2012

Last night I went to see the documentary on The Who's Quadrophenia album, called Quadrophenia: Can You See The Real Me. It was pretty good, but not great. There was some fantastic period live footage and great interviews, but I would have liked to seen more breakdowns on individual elements in the recordings. There was a little of that with Roger's vocals, but that was about it. Keith's drumming, John's bass and horns, and of course Pete's guitar work are all worthy of analysis. I certainly would've liked to seen more about Pete's use of synthesizers - I believe he was using an ARP at the time. That said, it is very cool that Fathom Events is doing these kind of one-night-only shows. Basically, they show some sort of film or documentary or live event (sports, concerts, etc.) in theaters across the U.S. on one night. The Quadrophenia doc only played last night; If you missed it, you're probably out of luck until the DVD comes out. While the theater was hardly packed, it was neat that a bunch of people with similar interests can be brought together for special events like this; I liked being in that small multiplex theater with several other Who fans. On August 1 Fathom is running the Grateful Dead Movie. I'd love to go, but I'll be on the road on my way to the Pot Luck Audio Conference in Tucson. Anyway, if you are a Who fan, Quadrophenia - Can You See The Real Me is well worth getting when it arrives on DVD. 

In yesterday's Daily Music Poll we asked which Quadrophenia song you liked more, "5:15" or "Love Reign O'er Me". Voting was very very light and "5:15" won out.

Today we're going to take it way back and simply ask, "Electric or Acoustic Guitar?" You can approach that any way you'd like. Goodness knows it wouldn't be very fun if we really had to choose between one. 

Happy Birthday to Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Steve Goodman ("City of New Orleans").

"The job of the artist is to deepen the mystery" - Francis Bacon