Debuted Three New Songs at Harrisonburg Open Mic

Went “over the mountain” - those Blue Ridge Mountains in John Denver’s “Country Roads” - to Harrisonburg, VA to play the weekly open mic at Ruby’s Lounge. It’s always fun to play these events. You see such a variety of performers and, to be honest, such a variety of talent levels. 

Since I’ve just finished some songs up, I decided to test them out. I’ve never played all brand-new songs before. The trickiest part was, since they’re not totally committed to memory, reading the lyrics and chord changes while playing. I have a better sense of what Bob Dylan meant when he wrote, “I’ll know my song well before I start singing.” It’s much easier when things are locked in. But it was fine, it was fun, and they went over well. 

Titles and subject matter? “Children” which is about, yes, children. More specifically, it sort of traces a brother and sister’s lives as they grow up. “Rosalyn” is a breakup song inspired by Nick Hornby’s “Juliet, Naked” (both book and film versions). “Keep the Faith” is a sort of stream-of-conscious number about keeping going in the face of adversity. I was tempted to change the title since it seems a little run-of-the-mill, but right after having these thoughts I heard from a friend I hadn’t talked to in a long time. Out of the blue and not knowing I was wrestling with this song title, he told me to “keep the faith”. I’ll take it as a sign. 

Heading to Nashville next week for Summer NAMM. I always look forward to the annual NAMM show and catching up with friends. Following that, I’m going to check out Muscle Shoals for the first time. I’ll probably post several pics on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to check in there for updates of my travels. 

Talk to you soon.

Rob C.

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