Getting Out - Ruby's Lounge, Harrisonburg, VA

Last night my friend, playwright / poet Ben Siegan, and I took a journey "over the mountain" to Harrisonburg, VA to play the weekly open mic night at Ruby's Lounge. Ben read three spoken word pieces, while I played "Beautiful Soul" and "Andrew Olsen". While there was a lot of conversation going between the bar patrons, I feel like we went over pretty well and hope to make it over again in a couple of weeks. It's always enjoyable to hear what people at different open mics are doing.

Next Wednesday, June 26, is the monthly open mic at The Bridge Progressive Arts Center in Charlottesville. This is very well run and people are there to pay attention to the artists & poets. They usually post videos of the performances to YouTube, so watch this space later next week. 

Happy Summer!

Rob C.


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