Road Tripping - Summer NAMM Nashville & Muscle Shoals

Just got back from a great road trip to Nashville and Muscle Shoals. Hopefully you’re following the Saturday’s Radio on Facebook and Instagram and saw a bunch of pics. I was in Nashville to help Larry Crane work the Tape Op Magazine booth at Summer NAMM. Saw lots of music friends and made some new ones.

Next was a drive down to Muscle Shoals. Got to tour several studios while there, including the places featured in the Muscle Shoals documentary. It amazes me how much music is happening in a relatively small, population-wise, area like the Shoals. I’m definitely looking forward to my next visit. 

Had an unexpected hiccup on the drive home. Stopped for gas, filled up, turned the pickup back on, and my dashboard was lit up with signs of electrical issues. Geez, just what I needed. Consulted with a mechanic friend who advised me to definitely get it looked at and to not attempt to drive all the way home in the dark.

I guess it was a sign from the Universe to call my pal John in Knoxville and see about staying in the loft apartment above his studio (The Arbor). We ended up having a brief but good visit and I got a restful night’s sleep. Apparently my pickup did, too. The pickup’s dash didn’t light up in the morning and the guy at AutoZone ran some tests and advised me that I should be able to make it home. Made it home just fine. I had the pickup checked the next day and not a thing was wrong with it. Again, I guess the Universe wanted me to stop in Knoxville. 

It’s nice to be home, but I miss my friends in Tennessee & the Shoals. Maybe it’s time to start making plans.

Until next time..

Rob C.

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